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Laboratory Facilities:

To supplement the resource in the Central Library, there is an exclusive department library consisting of books, proceeding of workshop/seminars, student’s project reports and laboratory manuals. The department library maintains an exclusive question bank with answers which comprises a collection of University Question papers.

The following are the list of journals subscribed in the Department Library

Indian Journal of advance in Wireless and Mobile Communication

Indian Journal of Electronics, Communication Engineering and Technology

Indian Journal of Electronic, Circuits and Systems

Indian Journal of Electronics, Communication Engineering and Technology

Inter. Journal of Embedded Systems and Communication Systems

Indian Journal of Mobile Communication & Networking

Indian Journal of VLSI Design

Indian Journal of Wireless Communication and Simulation

Indian Journal of Wireless Networks and Communication

Inter. Journal of Network Security & Research

Inter. Journal of Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications


Apart from these students can take text books and reference books from Department Library by giving entry in Issue Register. A total of 134 books catering to various subjects are available for students use.