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Laboratory Facilities:

The Laboratories connected with the department are

Manufacturing Engineering Lab: The thrust is in developing skillful operation in all kinds of production machines, namely Lathe, Planer, Shaping Machine, CNC Turner, Universal Milling Machine, CNC Miller, Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Tool and Cutter Grinding Machine, Radial Drilling Machine, Foundry Shop, Gear Hobbing Machine, Sheet Metal Work.
Material testing laboratory The ultimate aim of this laboratory to test the materials to find the mechanical properties Facilities available, Universal Testing Machine (UTM), Hardness testing machine (Rockwell, Brinell & Vickers), Fatigue Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Ericson Cupping Testing Machine, Spring Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Universal Timber and Plastic Testing Machine.
Mechanical Measurement and Metrology lab Temperature Set Up Thermo Couple Strain Gauge-Cantilever Type, Load Cell, Vibration With Accelerometer, L.V.D.T, Strain Gauge, Sine Bar, Plug Gauge, Snap Gauge, Digital Micro meter, Slip Gauge Set, Autocollimator, Profile Projector, Surface Roughness Tester, Inclined Tube Manometer Measurement Of Pressure Using Strain Gauge, Stroboscope, Tool Makers Microscope.
Thermal Engineering lab I.C Engines Two Stroke & Four Stroke engines: Single Cylinder Diesel Engine, Multi Cylinder Diesel Engine, Single Cylinder Petrol Engine, Multi-Cylinder Petrol Engine, Data Acquisition System. Steam boiler Steam Boiler, Feed Pump, Condenser, Turbine, Cooling Tower. Heat and Mass Transfer Lab. Heat Transfer By Natural And Forced Convection, Heat Transfer Through Pin-Fin, Blower, Air Compressor.
FLUID MECHANICS AND MACHINERY LAB Fluid Mechanics lab is equipped with Orifice meter, Venturimeter, V-Notch,Bernoullis Apparatus and its applications Fluid Machinery Lab Equipment help the students to understand the working principles and the performance of hydraulic pumps and turbines .This lab is equipped with various pumps like centrifugal ,jet, reciprocating, submersible, parallel and series, jet pump, vertical turbine pump and gear oil pumps along with turbines such as Pelton wheel ,Francis and Kaplan turbine.
CADD LAB Equipped with 30 systems with Hp Intel Pentium CoreDuo processor configuration and peripherals with AUTODESK product for windows XP Platform and C++ language packages FORTRAN 95, ANSYS12, PRO-E and CATIA.
CAM LAB CAM lab is equipped with TECHNOFOUR CNC Turner, MTAB CNC miller with all accessories and peripherals.
DYNAMICS OF MACHINES LAB The available Facilities helps to analyze forces and their effects on machine parts, study of the forced vibration, Static and dynamic balancing system of rotating masses.
Vibration Lab Whirling of Shaft Apparatus Gyroscope-Motorized, Compound Pendulum-Radius Of Gyration, Static And Dynamic Balancing Rotors, Byfiler, Trifiler -Radius Of Gyration, Governors-Watt, Porter, Pronell & Hartnell, Cam Profile, Four Bar Mechanism, Parallel Spring Testing Machine, Involute Gear Profile, Journal Bearing.
METALLURGY LAB The available Facilities helps to analyze forces and their effects on machine parts, study of the forced vibration, Static and dynamic balancing system of rotating masses.The metallurgy lab is equipped with Binocular, Metallurgical Microscope, Inverted metallurgical microscope,Trinocular Microscope, Polishing Disc and Muffle Furnace for Heat Treatment
Classrooms: Mech Block
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